April 25, 2015
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DeColores is an interfaith Christian movement, our mission is to renew the faith of Christians and to encourage and equip them to serve Jesus Christ more effectively at home, at their church and in the world.

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To equip the men and women of GOD to live a Life of Grace through piety, study and action; unite them under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and  send them out to influence their environments and bring others to Christ through the DeColores method.

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DeColores is an autonomous, functional structure with the purpose of strengthening the desire for greater lay activities in Christian churches.  As an arm of the church, supported by christians from local church communities, the movement's twofold intent is to lay the essential foundation for a Christian life by calling persons to a renewed faith and to call persons to a conversion to Christ.  it neither seeks church status, nor does it offer the sacrament of baptism.

Founded in the Cursillo "method", DeColores subscribes to the Nicene Creed, Apostles Creed and/or the Anthanasian Creed, and welcomes all persons seeking a deeper faith in Jesus Christ.  Its weekend activities are designed to reinforce individual committment to Christ through piety, study and action.

The movement operates under the authority and control of the National DeColores Ministries governing body, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, which reserves the right to authorize and control DeColores activities elsewhere.

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National Secretariat AgreementAgreement10/28/2009Download
DeColores Ministries Local-by-lawsBylaws10/28/2009Download


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